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Some Great Places to Kitesurf

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Every year millions of kitesurfers travel around the world to their favorite destination to kitesurf. Although each person has his own opinion as to where the best place to kitesurf is, it is important to remember that certain places require certain skill levels due to weather and surf condition such as strong currents or winds.

Considered the Mecca of kitesurfing, Maui is one of the most popular places to kitesurf. With its beautiful beaches and warm weather year round, people of all skill levels can have a great time kitesurfing in Maui. Puerto Rico is another popular location to kitesurf, with mild conditions making it ideal for kitesurfers of any skill. Cape Town is another popular destination, especially because of the numerous kitesurfing events held there during the month of December. Many people also travel to England to kitesurf, as well as Wales in Australia. Thailand is also popular, but during the summer strong winds and storms can make it difficult for beginning kitesurfers to learn there. Other popular destinations include Boracay, Tarifa, Cumbuco, Tenerife, And Cabarete.

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