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Kite Boarding Equipment

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Kite boarding is an extremely rewarding sport, but demands enthusiasm and stamina. An important part of enjoying this sport is your safety, and detailed below are the equipment you should have while enjoying this sport.

Kites, of course, are essential in kite boarding. If you’re interested in purchasing a used kite, many of them come with a warranty that guarantees any possible failures. Beginners should look at using trainer kites to familiarize themselves with the sport. The first steps are crucial as it is when novices learn to harness the power source and learn how to properly control the kite. Once past the beginner stage, be sure to look at other kites. Some suggested brands are the HQ Montana 5.0, the HQ Rush 250 and the HQ Beamer II TSR 3.6.

The board itself comes in three different styles, the Twin Tip, the Directional or Hybrid Directional, and the Wake style. The Twin Tip Type boards can be steered in any direction without jibing the kite, while Directional Boards are divided into sections that are used to steer. Wake style boards are considered dual directional as they can steer forwards or backwards. There is another board style called Landboards, which allow the rider to have more freedom in the way they utilize the kite’s power.

Harnesses connect the rider to the kite, and this piece of equipment often includes harness spreader bars, nitrous shorts, harness knives, waist harness and seat harness. Other vital parts of equipment are the foot straps, pads and fins.

Perhaps the most vital part of your kite boarding experience is the safety equipment. An impact vest is necessary while kite boarding since it will protect your body should the rider fall into the water. Wetsuits are important as they retain the boarder’s body warmth and protect against the chill.

Optional equipment includes travel bags and accessory back packs are also a good idea, as they will assist you in transporting your kite boarding equipment. While not necessary, instructional DVDs are essential as they provide tips to novices who want to learn.

Of course, your safety is vital, so never compromise when it comes to your equipment. Get the best equipment for your style and keep all safety tips in mind. Thrill seekers will definitely have an excellent time trying out this sport. The popularity of this sport has spread from beyond the US and everywhere in the world.

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Kite Boards Hawaii

Building custom Kiteboards on the North Shore of Oahu since early 2000, Kiteboards Hawaii was founded to provide hard core kitesurfers new boards at a reasonable cost. We have seen the rapid changes in the sport’s equipment and don’t want you to waste your money on a board that’s outdated. If you are past “Level 1″ and are serious about getting huge air, then we can help you.We specialize in directional boards for boosting airs and riding waves. Kiteboards Hawaii has two 4-fin directional models available, the 5’0″ and the 5’6″. Currenty a twin-tip is in R & D and when our riders give it the thumbs up, we will add it to our list of production boards.